Ok, now I can’t be the only one who looks at the prospects of the future and is really unsure as to what I want to do.

Well, I mean sure; there are tones of things I would like to do, but not so many of them are practical, much less good to base a living from.

Personally, I wanted to join the Defense Forces, but that idea was quickly shot down due to medical reasons. Surprisingly, Type 1 Diabetes classifies a person as “Permanently Medically Unfit” for service.

Complete downer.

So now I am left with the big and very much looming question of; ‘What the hell am I going to do with my life?’

There is so much to study for, so much to apply for, and so much to work towards, and yet… I can’t seem to really find anything out there that says ‘hey this is for you’.

Does anyone else get that as well?

I am fast approaching that time in life where I am ‘suppose’ to decide with direction I will ultimately go in for my future. And yet, it is now more than even that I just can’t pick.

Why is it that our current economy makes it so hard for us to try many different things until we find what is right? Why is it that society expects children to make decisions that will effect our entire lives while we are still so young.

Yes, believe what you will. We are still young. We have seen so little of the world, and even less of our own home countries. We still know so little about how to survive properly; about how to provide for ourselves. And in many cases, parents shield us from much of this until we are well set up.

So why then, are we pushed to make decisions when we can’t possibly predict the outcome in a world we have yet to really experience?

For the moment i hope to find a mid way point between University and what would be a quicker, more active career. I can only hope that if one doesn’t work the way I would like, then I will be able to completely fall back on the other one.

How many of you out there are feeling, or have felt, the same way? How many of you have been asked the all important questions about who you want to be and what you want to do? How many of you have looked at the many different paths in front of you and just wished that you could have more time? That you could simply slow down this fast pace so that you can actually think? So that you can really look at all the possibilities and consider if you will be happy in whatever you choose to do?

I think there are far to many people out there that jump feet first into something without knowing all they need to know, and end up regretting it, but being unable to take back the last 4 to 8 years of their life.

The future is a daunting prospect. It can hold wondrous adventures, but I sincerely think that the future can not be rushed into either. Take time to enjoy life once in a while.

I know that I wish I could…

With Love,



Visual Journeys and… Chemistry!?

Well I must say that I had never expected to go on a visual journey during a lecture about expanding memory, let alone one that I would still remember now; a whole week later. Better yet, the visual journey may actually came in handy 🙂

Follow along with this crazy little story;

You walk home, and the moment you walk inside you end up with a bucket of ice cold water on your head, and DAMN that’s cold! Angry now you walk around the corner to find out who the hell would decide to pull a prank like that. Only, your anger fades to confusion the moment you look into the next room; for now there are hundreds of balloons everywhere. Was it someone’s birthday??? You slowly push your way through the balloons to a clear patch only to be attack by non other that those little battery mascots; the energizer bunnies! A whole group of them. After you finally manage to get away from those evil, hyperactive rabbits, you run into the kitchen hoping to find someone, anyone. Instead you end up stepping in a HUGE pile of strawberries! Common, really? STRAWBERRIES?! Looking up you then see Borat sitting casually at your kitchen table drinking a drink. Once more you are left speechless. Why the hell would BORAT be in your kitchen??? Shaking your head you decide to just head down the hall towards the other end of the house. But of course, it’s not over yet; not even half way down the hallway there is a thunderous sound and a bright red sports car falls through your roof not five feet in front of you! At first you are stunned, but some how you simply decide that there is no point even thinking about it so you climb over the car and continue down the hallway. Looking out the window that you pass you see yet another outlandish sight when you see a full-on Knight in Shinning Armor… The Knight beckons you, promising to take you away into the sunset like a true fairy tail. You just shake your head and keep walking. Quite suddenly a stench fills the hallway like nothing you have ever smelled before. It. Is. Horrendous. Thank god, those oxygen masks (much like the ones on an airplane) that you installed last week work well and they pop down from the celling and allow you to breath easy until the smell dissipates. Walking into the bathroom after that you find the whole room absolutely filled with tubes and tubes of toothpaste. You can help but wonder why in the seven realms of hell would your mother buy so much damn toothpaste. Finally having enough of all the madness that your house has become you run back outside and onto the street, but upon turning around you see one final sight that sends you that final step over the ledge into madness as well; a large neon sign on the roof of your house, flashing lights and arrows and three strobing words “Girls, Girls, Girls”.

OK, seems like a load of worthless characters and a waste of time right? Well try and Identify the 10 main aspects of the story;

1. Bucket of Ice-Cold Water.

2. Balloons.

3. Energizer Bunnies.

4. Strawberries.

5. Borat.

6. Sports Car (now how cool would it be if they DID just fall from the sky? 🙂 )

7. Knight in Shining Armor.

8. Oxygen Masks.

9. Toothpaste… and finally…

10. A Neon Sign.

Still seem like a load of crazy stuff? I thought so to when I first heard it! But believe it or not, you have just memorized the first ten elements of the periodic table;

1. Ice cold water: A key component in water is Hydrogen the first element.

2. Balloons: Balloons are filled with Helium the second element.

3. Energizer bunnies: the mascot for batteries, and a key component of batteries is Lithium the third element.

4. Strawberries: Well, it just kinda sounds like Beryllium the fourth element.

5. Borat: Again, just sounds kinda like Boron the fifth element.

6. Sports Car: The word ‘Car’ is the first three letters of Carbon the sixth element.

7. Knight in Shinning Armor: The whole ‘Knight’ part sounds like the start of Nitrogen the seventh element.

8. Oxygen Mask: Pretty self-explanatory for Oxygen the eighth element.

9. Toothpaste: A large component for toothpaste is fluorine the ninth element.

10. And finally the Neon sign: Again self-explanatory for Neon the tenth element.

So there you go, the next time you need to remember the first 10 elements just think of this crazy, outlandish Visual Journey and there you have it!

Hehe Enjoy!

Love DawnWriter.

The Small Things…

Some times it’s the small things that people say and do around us that affect us the most. That simple ‘Yes.’ or ‘No.’ answer can some times do more good, or more damage, than most will ever realize.

It can be such a simple, unassuming topic or askance that is turned down that causes a hollow feeling to grow. Because some times, it is that small question; that tiny little request, that hides a bigger cry for help, or a larger wish for an escape from life and all its stress…

People who have dealt with this all their lives simply smile and say “It’s fine, it was nothing anyway.” But inside that feeling of hollowness grows just that tiny bit larger…

But there are times, just that little admission of faith that is bestowed upon them; an admittance of “I trust you completely.” or “I never told anyone else but you about that.”, it is these things that that ultimately lighten the load and make that flame of friendship glow that little bit brighter.

So maybe… Just, maybe. When you tell a friend “No.” without having a valid reason, or without even bothering to explain why, you will think about that little part of that friend that will wither away inside behind that big smile and those friendly words…

Just a bit if thought that has slowly come to mind over the last few days…

Best of Love,

Dawn Writer


Ok, forgive the completely strange dip into high school life, but I have to wonder. Am I the only one, who for strange reasons can not seem to pass an in-class assessment where maths is the prime subject?

Now, I’m not the best mathematician you will meet, however I can be pretty confident that when I say I know my maths content; I know it. And yet when it comes to proving that I know it in a timed, class room situation… I usually manage to fail, or only just scrape a passing mark.

For example, recently our maths class room had a practice assessment in preparation for an upcoming in class assessment. I scored 18/22 possible marks, a clear pass. And yet for the same content, on the in-class I scored a dismal amount that I wont even bother mentioning.

Am I the only one cursed with an inability to pass these things?

Does anyone else out there suffer a similar thing, perhaps with a different subject?

Well, next question; When in life will we ever need to use half of the maths content we are forced to learn in an environment where we will be under time and knowledge constrictions, or to put it better under test conditions.

Now with the exception of perhaps a few sparse jobs I can’t think of anything that we would have to do under a situation similar to test conditions. Can anyone else? Feel free to prove me wrong.

Well I shall leave it at that. I just needed a way to vent my thoughts, and maybe even see if someone could oppose them, as naturally educational areas and employees wouldn’t be able to see what I mean, and in all likely-hood would think I am mad.

Best of Love,

Dawn Writer

Troubles with Love…

I can honestly say that despite being old enough to drink alcohol legally, I have never had anything even remotely close to a serious relationship. 

My friends are constantly trying to hook me up with people, (or at least badgering me about getting a boyfriend soon), but the few men that I have come to ‘crush’ on over the years never amounted to anything at all. 

And yet now I can say that I have found someone nice that I would indeed consider dating. However I am in no rush to see how things turn out and am quite content being a friend for now. 

Some times I look at others around me though and wonder how they do it; how they can seem to find what may look like a serious relationship with such ease one after another, and while I know that having your heart broken by several people is no ball of fun I can never understand how they are able to turn up with a new boy friend within a few weeks. 

As everyone does I used to wonder if it was that I simply wasn’t pretty enough for most men, or that I just wasn’t social enough. But I slowly came to the realization that I never had a relationship because I simply wasn’t interested in sharing that type of bond with anyone yet.

Now, how about you? If you have already found that special someone, was it something that began almost instantly? A draw of being pulled to that person? Or was it a gradual realization that slowly began to grow in your mind?

Or, by any chance, are you like me? Have you spent years watching those around you falling in out of false (or in some cases genuine) love? All the while not experiencing it for yourself?

Perhaps you had a completely different circumstance?

You see, I also find it quite controversial that young teens (still practically children) are able to have ‘serious’ relationships and destroy their own lives before they even start, and all the while a serious homosexual relationship after years of careful choice and nurturing love is forbidden by social expectations and Government marital laws…

Yes, the world is indeed full of Troubles with Love, whether it be because of religion, appearance, social views, Government policies, or just the now all too common ‘chasing of love’ where people spend their lives trying to find and emulate the perfect ‘Romeo & Juliet’ love story, that they end up finding them selves lost to a world of caging views and locked in the void abusive relationships or the life consuming (but not always bad) joys of early child birth…

Well, I shall not stop talking as once again I believe I went right off my original topic. 😀

Best of Love,

Dawn Writer

Addition to: Music is Sometimes my Muse…

For those who liked by post about Music being my muse I figured that I should give a small example of exactly what I meant. For those who have heard the song ‘Impossible’ by James Arthur, that beautiful song became inspiration for a short story for me…

This is the short story that appears on my account on Writers Cafe;

“A lone man stands on the precipice of life and death; looking down upon the memories of his life. The good, the bad, the painful and the beautiful images all melded together to tell the whole of his life in a mere few moments. Only all those that he knew and loved would never be able to see this. None could see his trials and accomplishments like this; raw, unadulterated, truthful.

No, this experience was for himself and no other. It was in this moment where he either decided to jump and lay his own soul to rest, or to turn his back on his past, wake up and embrace the future and continue living.
In the past he could rest, he could continue living his life the way he had dreamed, with no pain and abuse. The only thing it would be lacking would be the reality that life gives everyone; the chance to make anything happen if you try, the chance to get stronger with each hardship you face. If he took just one more step he could return to before his best friend, his childhood friend of thirty-five years, betrayed him and quite literally stabbed him in the back. He could go back to before the love of his life took her last few, painful, haggard breaths as he clutched her bleeding form to his chest in a vain attempt to hold her life to himself. Yes, just one step and he could live the life he had always thought would last forever.
But… The future always held promise… He had learnt that when he had taken the first few steps after being told he would never walk again. He had learned that when he had survived the bloody massacre of a terrorist attack on the bank he had been in. He had always been taught to push forward, to continue living and fighting to reap the rewards that awaited those who truly tried. He had survived a crippling fall that snapped his lower back and nearly killed him, and was suppose to ensure that he would never walk again. He could now run quite comfortably. He survived twelve agonizing hours of having a gun held to his head and a knife cutting into his throat. In the end he found the love of his life in those horrendous hours.
The indecision tore him apart as he stood, not moving for what felt like years in this ethereal realm. Somewhere in his mind he knew that there was likely people trying to keep him alive in what he could only think of as the ‘Real World’. That there was only so long before whatever rope that tethered him to life was cut and the chance to turn back was lost forever.
As he stood, he subconsciously called to the images of his life that were the strongly positive ones. There was his younger life; the times he had spent with his friend, the mischief they had gotten into, the times when they would share their deepest secrets and feeling with each other for advice or to simply lighten the burden on their young minds. He saw the woman he would come to call his wife, the woman that he would have traded anything to save. He saw her as she was the very first day; tear streaked, pale face, blond hair dirty and knotted, blue eyes begging to simply live through the day. He saw her as she was at their wedding only six months later; the better of any angel that god created as she stood wreathed in the light of the setting sun.
The next to pass his eyes was the images of his family; a rag-tag group of people bound my more than the conventional ties of modern day families; it was a group with a deep bond of comradeship and love; something that was solidified and strengthened by the hardships they had all bourn together.
Slowly, with careful deliberation the man shifted only slightly. But that slightness sealed his fate forever more; what he chose had no chance of turning back. No chance of changing his mind. It was either live and fight on in the wilderness of modern society, or let go and float in the blissfulness he had finally earned a place to reside in; eternally with his wife and friend as they were before fate tore them away from him.
The strange precipice fell away, leaving him in a bright darkness that held no bearing and seemed to extend onwards forever. As he lay, suspended in the darkness, he saw his wife. He saw her in all her perfection, and behind her smiling gently, was his best friend.
He felt the petal soft touch of her lips against his and he knew that he had made the right decision…
He woke up.”
It may be short, and it may not be perfect. But these are one of the many different series of images and emotions that came to mind when listening to such strong and emotive lyrics, made all the more impressive by the strength in how they are sung.
If anyone is interesting in any further reading of my work, you can find me on Writers Cafe via the following link;
Best of Love,
Dawn Writer

True Kindness

Today I got to witness a true act of kindness. And I mean the real, unadulterated act of kindness that warms the heart. And I can only be proud to say that I know the man who had the heart to do it.

There are more homeless on our streets than most people are willing to say. Hell, I’m sure there are more homeless everywhere than anyone is willing to admit. And while I know not all homeless or disadvantaged were forced into it, there are definitely those who did not have a single choice in the matter.

Today, as a friend and I were walking around the city we passed a man begging for money. My friend, without even hesitating, moved to give the man some money despite having very little change on his person.

Then the homeless man said something that showed just how desperate he truly was; instead of simply asking for money (something that could be used to buy anything) he asked instead for something to eat.

And just like that my friend took the homeless man down to the decided upon McDonalds and preceded to buy him a meal. All the while I stood on in complete admiration of the man that I had come to call a close friend over a relatively small period of time. 

It was truly wondrous to see a hungry man’s face brighten in thanks as he received what may have been his first large serving of food in days. 

As I was sitting down later on, thinking over the situation, a phrase of words came to mind that simply just fit the situation and explained it all in one;

‘It takes a strong man who is pure of heart to ignore the pleas of the weaker, but it takes a stronger man to give up what he has to change those pleas of help to words of gratitude…’

I hope that one day, such occurrences will not be so rare and far apart. And I know that I will be following in my friend’s footsteps whenever I can.

That smile of thanks, even from an older, unclean face was just as bright as a smile from a small child. And I hope that more people’s lives can be affected as that man’s was…